The Slack Community for
Etsy Sellers

What is #etsychat?

#etsychat is a Slack community for Etsy sellers. Slack is an app for private group chats, which makes it perfect for us Etsy sellers to talk about everything from marketing to shipping.

Why should I join #etsychat?

To learn from other sellers and improve your skills, such as marketing, production, pricing, customer service, copywriting, product photography, and so on. It's also a good place to just casually chat with like-minded people.

Is #etsychat free?

Yes, it is completely free!

How do I join #etsychat?

Fill out the form and we will review your application. If you are approved, we will send an invite to you. The only requirement we have is that you have an active Etsy shop.

Are you affiliated with Etsy or Slack?

No, we are not.

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